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These are three of the reasons no other Radio Station can zero in on the Number One Audience in Jackson County and surrounding areas. WZCT Radio AM 1330 proudly presents today’s up-tempo Southern Gospel music combined with the best of Classic Gospel.



Home to 3 of the top Southern Gospel DJs in America as voted by "The Singing News Fan Awards"; Robert Carlile was the first, then Robbie Maxwell was selected, followed by our most recent Winner: Regina Leeth


AM 1330


5000 Watts

Northeast Alabama’s most powerful 24 hr AM station.


Southern Gospel, the only 24 hr Christian Broadcasting Station in NE Alabama, and Auburn University Sports.


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Target Audience:

AM 1330 Format is designed to target adult audiences in the 26-64 demographics. This audience is the most sought after segment by advertisers! Why? Because they have the most money to spend!


WZCT Radio is owned & operated by Bonner-Carlile Ent., INC


Current forecast twice hourly and as needed in severe weather.


AM 1330 presents comprehensive local, state, regional & World news

REMEMDER, ADVERTISING IS NOT JUST AN EXPENSE, It is an investment in yourself, your business, and your future world. We here at WZCT offer Qualitative Advertising, not just spots on the radio. We firmly believe that anyone who advertises on WZCT will see benefits from their investment.

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(256) 574-1330 FAXL 866)506-7181

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