Why WZCT Radio over the others?

This is a question we get asked often and is simple enough to answer. WZCT Radio gives you the best bang for the buck. There are 3 formats broadcast locally; Country, Rock and Gospel. All these formats are popular locally. Now Consider this: The Country format has 2 local stations both competing for the same audience not to mention all the other stations that broadcast country formats into this area further depleting the listening audience of each station. Rock stations are a dime a dozen with multiple stations competing for that audience, again depleting that audience. WZCT Radio is the only 24-hr Southern Gospel station in Jackson County. That means that, other competing stations are not dividing our audience up. Combine that with the fact that when compared to listeners of other formats Southern Gospel Listeners have more disposable income, buy more vehicles new and used, clothes, cars, appliances, furniture, boats, lawn equipment and entertainment equipment not to mention eat out and use professional services more often and are very loyal to the station and those that support it, you our advertisers.

Thatís why you should let WZCT Radio promote your business.


Rob Carlile


Remember, advertising is not an expense, it is an investment in yourself, your business, & your future in the business world. We here at WZCT offer Qualitative Advertising, not just spots on the radio. We firmly believe that anyone who advertises on WZCT will see benefits from their investment. If you have questions, please feel free to ask your representative.


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